September 8th, 2017 – Victoria, BC – Edmonton’s WELCA Selects Book King’s Registration, Public Access and Point of Sale Modules.

Registration, Public Access and Point of Sale is the perfect combination of Book King’s modules for Edmonton’s Whitemud Equine Learning Centre Association (WELCA). The Education centre in the provincial capital offers programming for all ages and abilities to interact with, learn from and love horses.

The combination of the Book King modules will allow staff to input and setup course information through a backend portal but also to publish across a Public Access site to allow for community members to access and learn more about WELCA as well as process their own online enrollments to the 6,8 and 10 week rider programs. This will lessen administrative workload for volunteers and staff alike to dedicate more time and focus to the horses and riders.



History: For more than 50 years, the piece of land near the North Saskatchewan River valley east of Whitemud Creek has been a horse farm and riding school.
Languages: English
Location:  Edmonton, Alberta

Each year at WELCA, 2,200 Edmontonians of all ages discover the joys of equine sports or rekindle their love of horses, and over 600 Edmonton children develop the confidence and self-esteem needed to excel at school, succeed in life, and become leaders in the community. For over a decade, WELCA has made it easier for people with physical and mental health issues to access equine-assisted therapy in the heart of the city, increasing their quality of life and well-being.

Run mostly by volunteers, WELCA is dedicated to improving the lives of Edmontonians through equine-related activities. “We plan to contribute even more by making Edmonton a world-class centre for equine research, learning, and therapy.”


About Book King

Our innovative Book King Recreation Management solution includes: Facility and Resource Scheduling, Activity and Program Registration, Membership Management, Public Access and Point of Sale Modules. Book King is currently used by over 200 organizations in various industries located in Canada, US, and Caribbean to manage over 1,000 locations, 7,500+ facilities, with over 500,000 activity enrollments each year.

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