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Book King Recreation Management Software by
Pacific Tier Solutions Incorporated

Book King is a recreation management software solution developed by Pacific Tier Solutions. Pacific Tier Solutions is an innovative, customer service focused software development company located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Established in 2002, Pacific Tier Solutions utilizes cloud computing to enable customers to maximize schedulable assets, optimize resource allocation, improve administrative processes and management of recreation facilities and services.

Pacific Tier Solutions is a leading provider of Recreation Management Software to customers across North America. Our innovative Scheduling, Registration, Membership, Point of Sale and Public Access Modules paired with a world-class design team committed to excellence in customer service has set us apart from our competition.

Book King is used by over 250 organizations located in Canada, USA, and the Caribbean to manage over 1,500 locations and 20,000 facilities. We process over 1,250,000 facility bookings, 500,000 activity enrollments, 1,000,000 membership check-ins and over $50 million in payment transactions per year.

To learn more about our company and software products please browse through our website, book a demo, or contact us at 1-888-599-8282. We look forward to assisting you to find the best solution for your company or organization.

Our Quality Assurance Guarantee

Book King strives to surpass all expectations! Intelligent products, integrated services, comprehensive training packages, unparalleled customer support and proactive product enhancements have revolutionized the way Pacific Tier Solutions clientele conduct business. We ensure that all products and services surpass our quality assurance process, enabling a guarantee of the best facility management solution in existence today.

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