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Working Together to Deliver Facility Management Software Solutions to More Customers

Book King is interested in partnering with innovative organizations with synergistic products, services and strategies. We focus on delivering exceptional facility management software, enabling our customers to maximize usage of their schedulable assets, optimize their resource allocation, and improve scheduling and registration management and control. If this focus is also a driver of your business, lets talk.

Book King offers two primary partnership opportunities including:

Affiliate Partners

These organizations work with Book King to accelerate the penetration of Book King’s parks and recreation facility management software into their served market spaces. Benefits include a listing on the Book King web site, and the opportunity to access additional revenue streams through customer referrals, without incurring development costs or sustaining maintenance obligations.

Strategic Partners

Do you have a vision of how Book King will enable you to serve your customers better? Then consider becoming a Strategic Partner. This group of partners will work closely with Book King to determine how our products will be best integrated with their solutions. Benefits include joint participation in major trade shows, co-marketing and co-service plans, and executive level planning.

For more information on our Partner program, call toll free 1.888.599.8282 or email us at

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