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COVID-19 Update: New Bulk Action Tools Now Available. Read More.

Book King Develops Bulk Actions Tools In Response to COVID-19

Book King Develops Bulk Actions Tools In Response To COVID-19

June 18th 2020 –  Victoria, BC – Pacific Tier Solutions Announces the Release of Book King’s Bulk Actions Tools

Since the onset of COVID-19 earlier this year, Book King clients across North America have been faced with unprecedented challenges in their day to day businesses. Due to closures and quarantines, customers required a way to efficiently manage necessary modifications and cancellations on a large scale, some changes affecting their entire client base.

Observing the demand of new practices and regulations, Book King responded with a “Bulk Actions” grouping of tools that aids users in modifying their business to reflect the uncertainty that accompanies a global pandemic. 

During the stay-at-home order put in place in British Columbia, Book King’s development team worked tirelessly from their home offices to create a selection of tools to mass cancel, modify, and extend items within the five module software suite. These tools have been deployed to all client sites and have been modified based on customer feedback and changing demands. 

The tools include: 

  • Mass Facility Bookings Cancellations
  • Mass Service Bookings Cancellations
  • Mass Courses Cancellations
  • Mass Withdrawal from Courses & Subsequent Mass Refunds
  • Mass Memberships Cancellations
  • Mass Scheduled Payment Plan Changes
  • Mass Membership Extensions

For more information on how these tools work, see our COVID-19 Tools page.

About Book King

Our innovative Book King Recreation Management solution includes: Facility and Resource Scheduling, Activity and Program Registration, Membership Management, Public Access and Point of Sale Modules. Book King is currently used by over 200 organizations in various industries located in Canada, US, and Caribbean to manage over 1,000 locations, 7,500+ facilities, with over 500,000 activity enrollments each year.

For more information on Book King Facility Management Software Solutions or on Pacific Tier Solutions, visit the Web site located at or call Book King at 1.888.599.8282

Book King Releases Bulk Actions Tools

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