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Edmonton Seniors Centre Selects Book King

Edmonton Seniors Centre Selects Book King

July 10th, 2020 –  Victoria, BC – The Edmonton Seniors Centre, located in Edmonton, Alberta joins Book King’s Recreation Management Software by Pacific Tier Solutions based in Victoria, BC.

Book King’s Registration, Membership, Point of Sale and Public Access Modules were recently provided to the Edmonton Seniors Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. Book King Software largely discounted the software suite for a community in need, helping to enrich the lives of seniors in the heart of the province’s capital city.

“What being a member of the Book King charity family means is that we can serve our low income seniors more efficiently, track our efforts accurately to allow us to apply for more grants, and utilize the small staff we have to meet the needs of as many seniors as we can. It means no more sleepless nights worrying because we didn’t have a system that allowed us to develop a safe online platform where we could keep seniors safe for as long as we need to during COVID19.” says Linda F. Ensley, Assistant Executive Director.

“Book King’s generosity means that during a crisis like COVID19, we can reach out to more of our seniors in meaningful ways that allows us to check in on them, utilize our social workers to support them, and provide them with peer support, exercise, entertainment, art, information and best of all — safety. It helps alleviate isolation, loneliness and the despair that comes with staying safe in a dangerous environment that is especially deadly to seniors. I never thought I’d say this about a software company, but Book King is helping us save the lives of those who are the most vulnerable in our society, and while others do a lot of talking, Book King asked what they could do to make the world we all live in better. They have done that for a group of seniors who are often forgotten. Thank you for what you have done.”

With the implementation of Book King, the Edmonton Seniors Centre can offer additional services and manage bookable spaces currently not covered in their current software system. The software will save time and money by reducing staff workload and administrative overhead by streamlining the registration, membership and invoicing business processes. Book King’s web-based solution provides the Edmonton Seniors Centre with high end Recreation Management system that they normally would not be able to afford.

About Edmonton Seniors Centre

The Edmonton Seniors Centre is a small, multi culture and inclusive centre in the heart of downtown Edmonton, Alberta. Their clients are often low income and many are mobility challenged. In order to serve them, they can’t monetize classes the way other centres do, or they would be unable to offer low income seniors the kind of exercise, support and educational classes they deserve because so many of them wouldn’t be able to afford it.

The mission of the Edmonton Seniors Centre is to serve them in the most cost-effective way possible so that they can all afford to attend what they feel is most beneficial to them. For ESC, that means running a tight budget, with only a few staff to take care of hundreds of seniors.

About Book King

Our innovative Book King Recreation Management solution includes: Facility and Resource Scheduling, Activity and Program Registration, Membership Management, Public Access and Point of Sale Modules. Book King is currently used by over 200 organizations in various industries located in Canada, US, and Caribbean to manage over 1,000 locations, 7,500+ facilities, with over 500,000 activity enrollments each year.

For more information on Book King Facility Management Software Solutions or on Pacific Tier Solutions, visit the Web site located at or call Book King at 1.888.599.8282

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