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How Book King Helps With Risk Management

How Book King Helps With Risk Management

Now more than ever, risk management is crucial for organizations: that’s why we’ve dedicated today’s blog to the topic of how Book King helps with risk management.

New to Book King? Then welcome! Our innovative Book King Recreation Management solution encompasses Facility and Resource Scheduling, Activity and Program Registration, Membership Management, Public Access and Point of Sale Modules; it is currently used by over 250 organizations located in Canada, USA, and the Caribbean to manage over 1,500 locations and 20,000 facilities. We process over 1,250,000 facility bookings, 500,000 activity enrollments, 1,000,000 membership check-ins and over $70 million in payment transactions per year.

Let’s break down how each of these solutions work to mitigate risk for organizations just like yours:

Streamline Your Management With Facility Scheduling

Facility Scheduling software streamlines your facility and service management operations by providing a 360-degree, affordable scheduling solution.

Our software helps with risk management via:

  • Preventing double-bookings
  • Setting limits on the hours your different user groups can book or request
  • Creating detailed approval rules to manage user or public booking requests
  • Providing detailed financial and demographics information that can be easily exported to Excel for internal tracking purposes
  • Offering invoice history tracking, custom user group creation, facility approval rules and more

By automating your organization’s internal processes, you significantly cut down on the risk of internal user error.

Easily Manage Program Registration

Likewise, the ability to easily manage program registration is yet another way that Book King helps with risk management: Book King’s Parks and Recreation Registration Management modules are a cloud-based, fully-integrated program management software that simplifies and centralizes your organization’s enrollment activities.

With this Program Registration tool, gone are the days when payment, invoicing, and enrollment mistakes fall through the cracks; instead, this one-stop shop makes it fast and convenient to manage your internal and public enrollments, payments, invoicing, and reporting for all of your applicable courses, camps and programs.

This manages risk by:

  • Providing 24/7 “anytime, anywhere” enrollment options for the public
  • Easing your staff’s workload by quickly processing enrollments
  • Increasing program registration by making it easier than ever before to sign up
  • Giving you and your team in-depth reporting on your enrollments, including transaction history and upcoming program registrations for both individuals and family groups

Make Membership Management Simple With Book King

How many times have you lost potential business because your membership management processes aren’t flexible or robust enough?

Book King’s Membership Management software mitigates the risk of losing out on customers by ensuring that your membership module is fully supported and wholly integrated with your existing processes.

This membership tool:

  • Grants support for time-based, punch pass and drop-in membership
  • Permits ID card-printing and multi-terminal membership validation capabilities
  • Gives your team the tools required to track membership usage, which memberships are most popular, when and where your memberships are being used and so much more
  • Provides the ability to configure a range of membership types, make payments flexible, auto-generate notifications about membership status, scan members and create full internal demographic reports

Combine the return-on-interest of flexible memberships with the simplicity of automation to control the risk of both lost business and user error.

Get a Handle on Risk Management With Point of Sale Software and a Public Access Website

Protect your organization from risk to its capital and earnings with Book King’s Point of Sale software and Public Access Website.

Firstly, Book King’s Post of Sale software works to streamline your staff’s payment processes capabilities while simultaneously reporting in-depth information on your sales activity. This module provides a highly-configurable, single POS system for the sales of storefront items; it prevents cash-handling errors through its fast processing time and detailed transaction tracking.

Utilizing Book King’s Public Access module is also highly recommended: with its all-in-one ability to provide the general public with the tools to view facility and course calendars, enroll in available courses, purchase memberships and request facility bookings, your organization can capitalize on the public’s interest without sacrificing internal convenience. Our Public Access Website is also controlled by you and your team courtesy of our page content editor (and comes with the option to match seamlessly with your existing website design.)

Manage A Wide Variety of Risk With COVID-19 Bulk Action Tools

Due to the prevalence of COVID-19, many organizations must be able to adapt quickly and thoroughly.

Book King’s COVID-19 Bulk Action Tools make these quick pivots simple for both your staff and your members.

When automated, COVID-19 bulk action tools mitigate the stress this can cause. They permit you and your staff to:

  • Modify, in bulk, payment plan schedules
  • Provide instantaneous membership extensions
  • Quickly and accurately process bulk refunds, cancellations, and extensions
  • Bulk-modify and/or cancel facility bookings, service bookings, and withdrawals

This halves the risk of struggling to process sudden cancellations, abrupt rescheduling, and facility availability. 

Experience First-Hand How Book King Helps With Risk Management Today

As the process of identifying, assessing and mitigating threats to an organization’s earnings and capital, effective risk management is an absolute must.

Here at Book King, we pride ourselves on creating tools that control the risk of financial uncertainty, technology issues, potential legal liabilities, and internal management errors.

For more information on Book King Facility Management Software Solutions or on Pacific Tier Solutions, book a demo today or call the Book King team at 1.888.599.8282.

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