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Town of Parry Sound, Ontario Moves to Implement Book King Software

Town Of Parry Sound, Ontario Moves To Implement Book King Software

June 3rd, 2022 – Victoria, BC – How Parry Sound is reinventing its recreation management process with Book King 

Located in Ontario, Canada, Parry Sound is an area that is renowned for its wealth of recreational activities, attracting visitors from all over the province. The town’s Parks and Recreation Department is now looking to modernize access to these activities through the deployment of Book King’s cutting-edge recreation management software.

As well as a rich sports history, Parry Sound boasts an abundance of top-class trails, parks, playgrounds, pools, beaches and other local facilities that play host to a multitude of community events and recreational activities.

With Facility Scheduling, Program Registration, Point of Sale, Financial System Integration, and Public Access modules at their disposal, the Town of Parry Sound will have all the recreation management tools it needs to provide accessible services for residents and visitors alike.

Brad Weiler, Community Recreation Program Coordinator for the Town of Parry Sound, outlines why the organization chose to work alongside Book King:

“Book King provides the features our organization needs to deliver quality customer service through simplified administrative processes at a competitive price. The software’s compatibility with our existing payment processes and corporate website also made Book King our preferred choice.”

It is certainly a big step for the Parry Sound’s Parks and Recreation Department, as it progresses from a program registration process that previously involved a combination of Excel files, Outlook calendars and paper documents. Now that these methods have been replaced with a comprehensive Book King software solution, staff will be able to collect and analyze data in a much more efficient and reliable manner.

As well as making life easier for employees, the Book King system will vastly improve customer accessibility. Customers can now register for programs and make payments online. In addition to providing a much-improved customer experience, the Town of Parry Sound will be able to keep track of customer accounts without having to navigate a maze of spreadsheets and paperwork across multiple departments. It is a feature that Weiler is particularly excited about:

“We’re looking forward to having the capability to issue invoices through the software system, as well as being able to track the status of customer accounts in one central location.”

The summer peak season is almost here, and with Book King software set up and ready to go, the Town of Parry Sound is now equipped to take full advantage by offering a hassle-free customer experience to those looking to fully enjoy Ontario’s cottage country.

About Book King

Book King’s innovative recreation management software automates a number of critical tasks including Facility and Resource Scheduling, Activity and Camp Registration, Membership Management, Public Access, and Point of Sale.

Our software solutions are used by over 250 organizations located in Canada, USA, and the Caribbean to manage 20,000 facilities spread across more than 1,500 locations. We handle millions of facility bookings, activity enrollments, and membership check-ins each year, while processing over $50 million in associated payment transactions. Request a demo today to see what Book King facility management software can do for you!

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