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Manage Your Organization With Bulk Action Tools

Manage Your Organization With Bulk Action Tools

In this ongoing era of uncertainty, it’s more important than ever before to know how you can protect your organization from sudden changes such as COVID-19 with Book King’s bulk action tools.

As experts in the recreation management industry, we outline below what bulk action tools are and how you can utilize them to assist your organization with cancellations, facility closures, payment plan updates, mass refunds and more.

What Are COVID-19 Bulk Action Tools?

Reducing COVID-19 risk in community settings means, for many organizations, changing their plans at a moment’s notice.

COVID-19 bulk action tools mitigate the stress this can cause. They permit you and your staff to, at the click of a button:

  • Modify, in bulk, payment plan schedules
  • Provide instantaneous membership extensions
  • Quickly and accurately process bulk refunds, cancellations, and extensions
  • Bulk-modify and/or cancel facility bookings, service bookings, course cancellations and withdrawals

Say goodbye to grappling with sudden cancellations and rescheduling and say hello to quick resolutions for facility management issues when you need it most.

How We Recommend You Protect Your Organization With COVID-19 Bulk Action Tools

A common question we field here at Book King regarding in the face of Covid-19 and our bulk action tools is, “Am I able to easily change or cancel my bookings, courses and memberships as my situation changes?”

The answer is yes. Our bulk action tools mitigate the risk of error from manual cancellations or changes with built-in steps that give you the opportunity to preview and confirm actions before finalizing them. 

With that in mind, here is how we would recommend utilizing these tools to streamline your recreation management processes:

When Cancellations Need to be Made ASAP For Multiple Facilities

Depending on the situation, cancellations may need to be made as soon as possible for multiple facilities within your organization. 

If this occurs, Book King recommends using the COVID-19 bulk action tools to simplify this process. They can help you sort by mass or individual:

  • Locations
  • Facilities
  • Services
  • Organizations
  • Clients
  • And/or date ranges

In the circumstance that widespread cancellations need to be made, this can be done in minutes via the Cancel Facility Bookings Bulk Action Tool, the Cancel Services Bulk Action Tool, or the Cancel Activities Bulk Action Tool.

Upon cancellation, we recommend turning on the option of having cancellation confirmation emails sent to all relevant clientele, as well as a record of the bulk actions emailed to yourself and/or relevant staff for record-keeping purposes.

When Changes to Fees Are Required

For any organization, good customer service is paramount. As such, we recommend utilizing the COVID-19 bulk action tools for any mass changes related to fees to simplify processing of refunds, adjustments, or extensions quickly and accurately.

News regarding a COVID-19 outbreak or related restrictions come fast; the Book King Activity Withdrawal Bulk Action Tool, Cancel Memberships Bulk Action Tool, Change Scheduled Payment Status Bulk Action Tool, and Extend Payment Bulk Action Tools (both with payment plans and without payment plans) make it so you and your staff can stay ahead of the curve.

These automations can be sorted by:

  • Season
  • Activity category or subcategory
  • Date range
  • Payment status
  • Locations
  • And so much more

As an added benefit, these tools allow users to easily cancel waitlisted clients, bulk-modify cancellation fees and refunds, and, as with the facility-related tools outlined above, mass-send confirmation emails to both relevant clients and to you and your staff.

Learn More About the Benefits of COVID-19 Bulk Action Tools Today

Book King is a cloud-based, all-in-one recreation management software that provides solutions for municipalities, parks and recreation, camps, and communities everywhere.

If you are interested in learning how you can effectively protect your organization with COVID-19 bulk action tools, contact us today or book your demo.

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