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Township of Seguin, Ontario Selects Book King Software

Township Of Seguin, Ontario Selects Book King Software

November 3rd, 2020 – Victoria, BC – The Township of Seguin, Ontario has chosen Book King’s Recreation Management Software by Pacific Tier Solutions

The Department of Community Services at the Township of Seguin, Ontario has purchased new Recreation Management Software. Book King Software was selected by Seguin thanks to the easy-to-use interface for both their staff and the public. An intuitive and accessible software will benefit all users in that it minimizes the learning curve that accompanies implementing any new model to a community. Book King is proud to stand by a product that is praised for a user friendly design and features.

Both full time and seasonal citizens of Seguin will be pleased to have new access to a modern parks and recreation management system. Specifically, one that was designed to best suit small to medium sized municipalities, such as the township. In addition to offering conveniences for the community members and Recreation Admin staff, Book King Software provides access for class Instructors who are able to view and manage class rosters and collect key information online before and after sessions. This allows course facilitators to track attendance and more independently, without having to collect reports or data from other staff members.

“Book King will allow Seguin to maximize resources in the face of a pandemic.” says Greg Strong, Sales Director at Pacific Tier Solutions. “Our customers operate 50% faster, improve customer experience, and reduce front counter visits by up to 80%. With a fast implementation they can respond to COVID-19 in a timely manner.”

About Seguin

The Township of Seguin is a thriving municipality home to 5,011 permanent residents that seasonally swells to over 15,000 residents during the summer months. With largely an environmental focus, their community is truly “The Natural Place To Be”. All of the local communities are home to community centres, parks, trails and beaches and offer many recreational opportunities. Programming and community events are in place for seniors, adults, young adults and youth. The Township is a community that preserves our unique natural heritage features such as lake quality and shoreline character based on the “environment first” principle. Stretching over 700 square kilometres, Seguin is a vibrant and growing community located in the picturesque District of Parry Sound.

About Book King

Our innovative Book King Recreation Management solution includes: Facility and Resource Scheduling, Activity and Program Registration, Membership Management, Public Access and Point of Sale Modules. Book King is currently used by over 200 organizations in various industries located in Canada, US, and Caribbean to manage over 1,000 locations, 7,500+ facilities, with over 500,000 activity enrollments each year.

For more information on Book King Facility Management Software Solutions or on Pacific Tier Solutions, visit the Web site located at or call Book King at 1.888.599.8282

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