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We’re Levelling Up Our Camp Registration Software Features

We’re Levelling Up Our Camp Registration Software Features

It’s never too early to level up next year’s processes for camp registration, which is why we’re working on new software features for camp registration.

In the wake of COVID-19, seasonal camps are more in demand than ever before. As experts of facility scheduling, program registration, membership management, and so much more, we here at Book King knew we would be remiss if we didn’t help your business get set up for the next wave of camp registration interest… especially as we are levelling up our own business to include software for camp registration in 2022!

That’s why we have dedicated today’s blog to detailing what software for camp registration is and the many ways in which it is sure to benefit your business.

Firstly, What is Camp Registration Software?

Camp registration software excels at what it says on the tin: simplifying your camp’s registration processes. 

The right camp platform should match your camp’s specific needs, with registrants of all ages walking away with an immense sense of relief at just how easy registering for your camp was. Due to the fact that every camp director uses multiple sets of tools to run their business as smoothly as possible for staff and registrants alike, it is key to secure a quality registration tool that complements your pre-existing tools and processes.

With searches for “best summer camps in the world” skyrocketing, it’s never too early to ensure that your next season is the easiest (and most lucrative) one yet.

Book King’s Upcoming Camp-Centric Registration Software

Our upcoming camp-centric registration software incorporates the following:

  • A powerful and flexible registration user interface
  • The ability to build 100% customized camp schedules, including the addition of both required and optional camp fees
  • Extensive internal reporting capabilities that can be easily shared with all stakeholders
  • The potential to quickly and easily copy camp schedules, all while personalizing individual fees
  • Built-in flexible payment plans in order to manage enrollment expenses seamlessly
  • An array of camp roster enrollment tools that provide you with the capability to mass-withdraw and transfer registrants, view medical alerts, and track session attendance
  • The availability for families to manage new and existing camp enrollments through a public access website

The result? A system that is as easy for your registrants as it is for your staff!

That means faster processes, better client relations, and, of course, the potential for a higher rate of interest.

Learn More Today

Book King is a cloud-based, all-in-one recreation management software designed for parks and recreation, municipalities, camps, and communities everywhere. 

Interested in upgrading your camp’s processes with improved camp registration software for next year? Contact us today or book your demo to set the wheels in motion for a fantastic summer 2022.

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