October 12th, 2018 – Victoria, BC – Carson Valley Swim Center, CA, Selects Book King’s Public Access, Membership, Scheduling, Registration and Point of Sale Modules

Carson Valley Swim Center has joined Book King and elected to improve their recreation management by selecting the full suite Book King has to offer. Using all five modules will be the solution that the Carson Valley Swim Center requires to effortlessly and efficiently streamline their facility scheduling, course enrollments, community registration and membership sales. The Swim Center will be utilizing a state-of-the-art Ecommerce and point of sale system to ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

By using the custom banner and CSS we have crafted, the Carson Valley Swim Center will have a personable, recognizable and elegant public access site. All these components come together to create a total recreation management solution from start to finish.

We look forward to getting remote training started. Welcome to the Book King Family!

About the Carson Valley Swim Center

Location: California, USA
Languages: English

The Carson Valley Swim Center is an integral part of the Carson Valley community and offers recreation, training, and entertainment to thousands each year. Through various programs, the Swim Center is closely linked to the county’s school district, the senior community, and its public safety departments.


About Book King

Our innovative Book King Recreation Management solution includes: Facility and Resource Scheduling, Activity and Program Registration, Membership Management, Public Access and Point of Sale Modules. Book King is currently used by over 200 organizations in various industries located in Canada, US, and Caribbean to manage over 1,000 locations, 7,500+ facilities, with over 500,000 activity enrollments each year.

For more information on Book King Facility Management Software Solutions or on Pacific Tier Solutions, visit the Web site located at www.bookking.ca or call Book King at 1.888.599.8282