A Powerful Rules Based Scheduling Solution

Book King’s Scheduling Module is designed to optimize your organization’s use of its facilities, services and equipment through an intuitive user interface. Prevent double or conflict bookings from occurring and make your booking process more efficient for staff and the public with our powerful rules-based facility booking engine.

Say Goodbye to Double Booking Nightmares

How many times have you panicked to find two customers show up for the same facility at the same time? Book King’s Scheduling Module will prevent this from ever happening again. Invoices can only be opened by one user at a time, the same facility can never be booked twice and our facility conflict rules allow you to subdivide your facilities into multiple rentable spaces to maximize rental potential of your facilities and spaces.

Take Control of Your Facility and Service Bookings

Book King provides a complete rules based booking engine that allows you to restrict which users can book which facilities and services and set limits on how many hours your different user groups are able to book or request. Create detailed approval rules to manage user or public booking requests that will simplify the entire process for staff and customers.

Accept Online Facility Booking Requests

In today’s age of online everything, your customers expect to be able to view facility availability and make booking requests online from their homes. Book King allows your customers to make facility booking requests 24/7 with all requests flowing through an approval process for you to confirm or decline with ease.

View Detailed Reports and Demographics

Scheduling software is only as good as the data you can get out of it. Our detailed reporting engine provides you with all the information you need to know about your booked facilities and services in an easy to read format that can be printed, emailed or exported to Excel. Not only can you see who has booked a facility or service, you can also view usage and revenue reports by user or organization. Participant counts and detailed financial reports allow you to read between the lines and have a full understanding of your facilities use.

Scheduling Module Features Include:

  • Facility and Service Bookings
  • Multiple Search Methods
  • Facility Booking Restrictions
  • Facility Approval Rules
  • Digital Signature Requests
  • Invoice History Tracking
  • Custom User Group Creation
  • Client Database Management
  • Registration Module Integration
  • Publish Bookings to Public Calendar
  • Dashboard Charts and Shortcuts
  • Powerful Reporting Engine

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