Process Payments From a Single Point of Sale

At the center of the Book King Recreation Management solution is our Point of Sale Module. Our POS module provides a highly configurable single point of sale solution for sales of storefront items and integration with all other Book King Modules. Process a single payment transaction for multiple module invoices all at once saving your customers time and saving you processing fees. Bottom line, it’s all about the money.

Nobody Likes a Line Up

Who wants to wait in long line ups. Process invoice transactions quickly and reduce your line ups with the Book King Point of Sale module. From single gyms and recreation centers to Municipalities and Cities of all sizes, the Book King Point of Sale solution was designed with speed in mind so you can spend more time engaging with your customers and less time clicking. All Scheduling, Registration, Membership and Storefront invoice payments, refunds, voids and deposits are processed through our POS module.

Customize Your POS Register

Customize your Point of Sale register screen to your organization needs and staff members preference. Create custom register color coded hot keys for quick sales of your most popular storefront items. Create an unlimited number of categories and subcategories to organize your storefront items. Each user can choose how they want their POS register screen layout to display with buttons on the left, right or top of the screen. Control what sales activities are available for each register instance and configure which payment transactions are available. We give you complete control of your register setup.

Prevent Cash Handling Errors

With a single point of sale and detailed transaction tracking and history you will reduce the chances of payment errors from occurring while increasing transaction processing speed. Process credit and debit card transactions with a fully integrated debit/credit pinpad that processes all payment transactions directly within Book King. With no need for an external payment debit/credit pinpad Book King will eliminate clerical errors and increase productivity.

Accounting, Accounting, Accounting

At the very heart of Book King is our in depth accounting capabilities. With a full sub ledger, multiple revenue recognition options, revenue distribution to multiple GL accounts, real time or scheduled transaction exporting, Book King will make your Finance Department jump for joy. Financial transactions are exported in a balanced journal entry for simple import into any Accounting package that provides a file import capability.

Point of Sale Module Features Include:

  • Single Point of Payment
  • Process Multiple Invoices at Once
  • Manage Storefront Items and Inventory
  • Multiple Register Support
  • Customizable Register Layout
  • Invoice History Tracking
  • Custom User Group Creation
  • Client Database Management
  • Customer Wallets
  • Integration with all Book King Modules
  • Dashboard Charts and Shortcuts
  • Powerful Reporting Engine

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