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gym group

Create multiple pass types with flexible rates.

gym membership

Collect important member information including medical alerts.

gym software management

Automate your members recurring payments.

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Self-serve membership validation and check-in.

Membership Management Software

Book King’s Membership Module is fully-supported and integrated, membership management software that will simplify your membership management process and streamline membership reporting information.

With support for time based, punch pass and drop in memberships, ID card printing and multi-terminal membership validation capabilities, our Membership Module provides a complete membership sales, validation and usage tracking ability.


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Membership Management Made Easy

Keeping an existing member is way easier than finding a new one. Book King’s membership management software provides member list management tools that make it easier to sustain and grow your existing membership levels. Do you know which of your memberships are most popular? How often do your members use their memberships and at what locations and times? We provide detailed membership usage tracking and statistics to help you understand your members better.

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Flexible Membership Options = More Members

Book King provides you with the ability to configure a wide range of membership types and purchase options to meet the needs of different individuals and families. With support for time-based memberships, punch cards and drop-in memberships all with flexible payment options including recurring payment plans, you can create and offer memberships that meet the diverse needs of your community. Book King’s cloud-based membership management software enables you to give your customers the ability to create their own accounts and purchase or renew memberships online for themselves and their family members, from the comfort of their homes.

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Get the Full Picture About Your Members

With a centralized source of membership information, you and your staff have access to all the information and demographics of your member base. View detailed member account and purchase history, create, export and share member lists, view medical alerts and customer notes. Use the wealth of information Book King provides to gain a greater understanding of your members’ needs so you can tweak and adjust your membership offerings as your customer base evolves.

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Improved Membership Management Process

Print customized RFID or barcode membership cards and scan members at check-in to see a member’s photo and details to verify member eligibility and prevent sharing of memberships. Automatic notifications inform you of customer outstanding balances, membership expiry, suspensions and more during the membership check-in process.

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Make Informed Decisions on Membership Offerings

Membership features and pricing need to be monitored at all times so you can know which memberships your customers are purchasing and when they are being used. Need proof for the big boss that you need to expand your members’ fitness gym? Book King’s membership management software provides rich preformatted reports and custom report creation tools that provide you with the insight you need to make important decisions about your membership offerings and facilities.


Membership Creation Wizard
Multi Terminal Support
Recurring Payment Options
Registration Module Integration
Customer Membership History
Digital Signature Requests
Custom User Group Creation
Client Database Management
Member Check In Validation
Member List Management Tools
Dashboard Charts and Shortcuts
Powerful Reporting Engine


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