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public access
public access

Allow customers the freedom to enroll in courses and memberships 24/7.

youth group

Provide easy access to facility and course session calendars.


Allow online account creation for individuals and families.

group kids

Provide public facility booking requests with approval management.

Public Access Website

Book King’s Public Access Module gives your facility its own public-facing program management tools that provide the general public with the ability to view facility and course calendars, request facility bookings, and enroll into available courses and memberships with secure online payments.

All of the content of your Book King Public Access Website is controlled by you via our easy to use page content editor.


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Our Public Website Gives Power To Your People

Make your customers happy and increase your profit margin with our customizable public access website that allows anyone in your community to book a facility, enroll in a course or purchase a membership while on the go, or from the comfort of home. Customers can create their own accounts online with or without family members, view their purchase history and current balance, view facility, program and personalized calendars and so much more.

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Matches Your Existing Website’s Design

We provide our customers with a full administrative module to manage the look and feel and page content of your Book King public website. We’ll work with you to build a custom banner and CSS implementation that is an extension to your existing website with a similar design to maintain your brand recognition and the confidence of your customers.

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Create Rules To Manage Who Can Do What

It’s great to offer customers the ability to make purchases online but what if you want to control what offerings are available to your different customers? Book King’s program management tools allow you to create rules that apply to different customer types to limit who can book which of your facilities, who can register for a program or who can purchase certain memberships. For example you can easily create a rule to limit enrollment into a program based on a customer’s age, require a certain membership purchase to enroll in a course or restrict available facility booking requests to certain organizations or user groups. With Book King you have complete control of the access levels of your different customers.

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Safe and Secure Payment Processing

We provide a safe and secure public website with the highest level of security available so your customers can feel confident processing payments for their online purchases. We integrate with a number of the top payment processors available and meet or exceed all PCI compliance regulations. Book King never stores any of your customer credit card information in our database, in fact, our software never even “sees” this data as it is processed directly within the selected payment processors’ server environments. That’s one less thing you’ll need to worry about.

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Collect More Information From Your Customers

Want to learn more about your customers? Book King’s Public Website allows you to display waiver and release forms that you require your customers to accept during program enrollment and membership purchase. Customize the confirmation email sent to customers after their online purchases including attaching additional documents like special information or promotional materials. Create custom questionnaires or additional information forms with optional or required information customers provide during program enrollment. We provide you with the program management tools and capabilities you need to process and report on all the information you collect from your customers.


WYSIWYG Content Editor
Online Program Registration
Online Membership Purchases
Online Facility Bookings
Multiple Calendar Displays
Documents and Questionnaires
PCI Compliant Payment Processing
Individual or Family Account Creation
Public Filters and Rules Setup
Custom CSS Design Support
Custom Banner Implementation
Powerful Reporting Engine


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